New Casinos in 2019


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Millennials are usually defined as people who came into adulthood towards the end of the 2000s. They are basically people who were born between 1985 and 1995. According to a research, bettors found within this range are very reluctant to visit the traditional land-based casinos and betting shops. Instead, they opt to spend their hard earned money tabletop gaming which if you come to think of it, is much cheaper than playing games at the casinos.

As you would expect, however, desktop and mobile online casinos have been somewhat lucky to attract the youth mostly due to the improvement and continuous usage of technology. Mobile gambling has been especially widespread and common among bettors – even the older generation – with reports indicating more than 40% of the players enjoy their games straight from their smartphones.

Aspects Which New Casinos 2019 Are Planning to Introduce to Continue Attracting More Players

The UK Gambling Commission strongly believe that the number of young bettors is steadily increasing and that the 18-35 age bracket is driving the industry growth. In a recent report published by the body that highlights the trends in the iGaming industry, before the number of people in the 18-35 bracket who frequented the online casinos was around 10.7% in 2009. This number has gradually increased to 17.8% and is bound to increase to higher figures in 2019.

So what are the new casinos set to do to capture this increasing numbers in 2019?

Video Slot Games Are Bound to Get More Creative!

With the millennials, it seems the only way you can get their attention and eventually loyalty is by showing some sense of creativity. Social media was developed by millennials for the millennials, and from that, they expect interesting and novel experiences as opposed to the regular Vegas-themed slot games filled with a few bonus rounds and free spins.

Creativity and innovation have lagged since the iGaming industry was founded and as such, the CEOs of most companies have put so much focus into the user experience and design of the slots games, which are by far the most played games online. Though some say that tough government rules have made it hard for them to expand on their creativity, they have still managed to come up with creative ideas such as the introduction of Skilled based slots and millennials have responded positively by playing them more as opposed to the traditional games.

It’s expected that by 2019, most of the software developing combines are going to implement the utter personalization of gaming by using algorithms that vary individual experience for every user.


Traditional slot machines operated using coins but as hard and ridiculous as it might sound to believe, coin-operated machines are now a thing of the past. The technology used in video slot machines has left the mechanical fruit machines in the dust, paving the way for a new future of iGaming. Ultimately, the modernized video slot games have introduced a glamorous and flashy side of Las Vegas, paying out millions of dollars to lucky bettors.

Progress in the slot machine technology over the past 10 years has been occurring in leaps and bounds, with virtual gaming now a reality and mobile gambling being one of the most sought after ways of playing and enjoying the games in the 21st century. It’s estimated that there will be more than 200 million people playing and accessing services offered by online casinos through their mobile phones by 2019, with a large majority of these people being the millennials.

The speedy revolution of mobile gambling was a testament to time, and a majority of the new online casinos 2019 planning to establish a whole new concept on mobile gambling. Without advancing and developing their mobile platforms, most of the casino operators and software developers are bound to lose a very large portion of their gaming revenue. Therefore keeping themselves updated with times has become very important than never before!

The Development of the Live Dealer Platform

Live dealer betting is the next big advancement in the iGaming industry. Thanks to this platform, you can now experience what is like to bet at a land-based casino located in Las Vegas straight to your device or PC. Live dealer gaming is another milestone as far as progression is concerned from the basic online casinos that we were once accustomed to with a broad assortment of modern, sophisticated online games. In the back of the minds of the typical bettor, the live dealer was the pinnacle of online casino betting.

And therefore, there’s this question going around: what’s the next move for the world of live dealer casino?

Well, seemingly, the online casinos will try and break the boundaries of gambling once again!

Virtual Gambling Is Now the Future!

Immediately after the launch of GameFace and Oculus Rift into the market a few years ago, it was no surprise that the iGaming industry and more especially the online casino arm was going to start taking advantage of this modern technology. This new VR experience was a game changer in so many ways, and it is now the new way of trying out the technological advancements offered in the industry.   Now, bettors can easily use this new technology and have one of the best land-based like experience from the comfort of their VR headset.

Admittedly, the VR craze happened sooner than expected, with the players in the online casino industry releasing software that’s perfectly suited for VR gambling not long after these devices were launched into the market.

Therefore, with VR set to be a big attracting feature for most of the millennials, coupled with the improvement of bonus offers, security, personalization, creativity and customer support, the future of new online casino 2019 looks bright!